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100% Plant Based Hair Heat Protection Spray with EXTRA SHINE, Chamomile, Argan and Vitamin E 100ml

Rs. 349.00
All new 100% PLANT BASED NATURAL HEAT PROTECTION SPRAY with added benefit of Extra Shine for your hair. The extra advantage of shine with protection is possible Naturally as the product contains Fermented Oils, Flaxseeds, Vitamin E and Shea butter.

Product Detail

Protects Hair Against Hair Heat Tools Damage + Provides Shine Post Styling + Give mild to medium hair hold + Repairs Damaged Hair Due to Styling: Weightless hair mist which shields hair from damage. Once you done with your styling then this spray works for shine enhancing spay and it will also act as a mild holding spray to keep your styling long lasting.
Do you know most of shine serum uses silicone and they are not biodegradable and also creates a build up on your hair and scalp. We have used ingredient to mimic silicone which is biodegradable, contains 100% bio based content as certified by the USDA Biopreferred Program, is COSMOS approved. It is Eco certified and readily biodegradable. It gives you a shine like silicone but it is completely natural and is sourced from USA.
100% Plant based: It is 100% plant based and biodegradable product. It has no chemical inside. Even the ingredients are imported from South Korea, Europe and USA with Eco certified, Cosmos certification, Koshar and USDA approved along with popular hair ingredients suited for Indian hair from India. There is no water added and it is 100% plant derived herbs mixture only.
Imported Natural Ingredients are also clinically trialled and tested for maintaining moisture, reducing the breakages of damaged hair till 90%, hydrating the hair, repairing the hair, protection for color and treated hair, boosting the keratin, enhancing the sensory feeling, easing the combing..
Natural ingredient Flaxseed, Fermented argan oil, Fermented Green tea seed oil, avocado helps in providing the protection against the heat. Coffee, rice water, Sunflower oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, VITAMIN E helps in shining the hair. Aloevera, Flaxseed and Shea butter then gives a natural hold post styling with natural shine.
Specially Crafted for Indian hair: For all types, textures and lengths to defend against hard water and pollution; SALON TESTED AND STYLIST APPROVED.
User Friendly: Step 1 is to spray before applying your blow dry, hair straightener, curl iron, hair iron or any thermal tools on hair. Post its application again spray on hair for boosting keratin, increase hair shine and locking your style for long term.