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Anti Hairfall Mask with Seeds 200gm

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How to Use :

Step 1 : Massage for few minutes

Step 2 : Keep it for 10 to 20 minutes

Step 3 : Shampoo your hair, prefreably Sulphate free mild shampoo

Step 4 : No need to use the conditioner

Step 5 : Apply Ktein Natural Hairfall Defence Spray post wash for better results


Dont just Oil....but Mask your hair : Ktein Natural Hair Mask has the properties of Mask that naturally nourish and protects the hair from getting weak and breaking and also has the properties of Oil derived from Organic Onion Seed Oil and Grapeseed Oil to avoid dryness of hair that leads to damages and splitends.So the weekly oily hair regime can be completely enhanced now with the benefits of Antihairfall Mask.

First time -Actual Seed Mask : The mask has for the first time actual onion seeds that enhances the ultimate hair mask experience and provides the maximum benefits of the natural ingredients.

Why will the mask work for preventing hairfall? Apart from the wide range of 17 natural and strong ingredients that collectively work towards providing the hair with required nutrients and improving the texture of the hair, Ktein Hair Mask also has clinically proven benefits of BIOTIN, CRESSATIN and REDENSYL that are very effective in improving the hair health.

Free of Harmful Ingredients : Ktein Hair Mask can be safely used as it is FREE of Alcohol, Paraben, Sulphates, Silicones and Mineral Oils.


Works naturally and effectively towards preveting hairfall

Has benefits of 17 natural ingredients that directly benefit the hair

Contains no alcohol, parabes, sulphates, silicones

Moisturizes and Nourishes the hair

Ktein Antihairfall Mask is mild on hair and doesnt cause any harm and doesnt pull away the natural oils of the hair which leads to dry and damages hair overtime.

Primary Ingredients

  • Contains 17 naturally powerful ingredients that collectively work for repairing hair damage, preventing hairfall and nourishing the overall hair health.
  • Very effective plant based actives that are backed by clinical studies and trials that on steady and regular use works towards preventing hairfall, removing the weak hair, promoting new hair growth and overall strengthening the hair.

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