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Ktein Instant Ready Combo

Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 1,044.30

Why Me ?

Waterless Cleanser

A unique and safe quick fix to rejuvenate and style the hair at any occasion.

Provides the convenience of managing your hair without washing it with water to convert dull, limp, sweaty and polluted hair into clean refreshing hair.  


Heat Protection Spray

Love to style your style more with heat protection spray as it is free of all harmful chemicals and keeps your hair protected from all Heat Styling Tools and any other heat damages.


Hair Holding Spray

Complete your Hair Styling process with another Natural and Alcohol free Hair Holding Spray that has holding properties from the Natural Ingredients that holds and adds shine that leaves your hair and style set for the day.


✓Non Apologetic Styling Care  

✓Waterless Hair Care Product

✓Instantly Refreshes Hair

✓Soothing and Cooling Effect

✓Smooth and Frizz Free Hair

✓Can be used on daily basis


Rice Water


Chia Seeds

Apple Cider Vinegar

Aloe Vera



PREP YOUR HAIR Apply the Waterless Cleanser on dry hair and clean up with a towel and blow dry your hair

STYLE YOUR HAIR Spray the Natural Heat Protection Spray on your hair before using any heat styling tool

Style Hair as required

HOLD YOUR STYLE Set your hair with Natural Hair Holding Spray to setting your style