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Waterless Hair Cleanser 70ml

Rs. 400.00 Rs. 299.00

What I Do ?

Instant Blow Drying Solution + Waterless Hair Cleansing + Quickly Refreshes Hair + Instantly makes your hair ready for Styling + Conditions Hair + Safe and Mild on Hair + Instant Quick Fix for Managing Hair + Not a General hair Shampoo but a Hair Cleanser

My Technology

✓For the First Time Waterless hair Cleanser

✓Naturally made Hair Cleanser that contains Amla, Shikakai and More

✓Best for times when hair wash is not possible

✓Can be used for bed ridden people

✓Safe for Daily Styling

✓No Alcohol, No Silicone, No Parabens, No Mineral Oils

✓No Harmful Chemicals

✓Suitable for All Hair Types

✓Works For All Men, Women and Children

Product Description

Experience a unique, all natural product formulated and manufactured under strict accordance with International Standards to clean & condition your hair instantly. It is not just another dry shampoo but a foam based natural cleanser and conditioner for your hair to instantly revive your dull and limp hair. 

Key Ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar - Natural Conditioner

Amla - Natural Hair Cleanser

Shikakai - Natural Hair Cleanser

Peppermint - Cools and Refreshes Hair

Aloe Vera - Natural Conditioner

Green Tea - Great Antioxidant for Hair

How to Use Me?

Step 1 Pump the required Foam into your palm

Step 2 Massage in your hair for a minute. No need to use water

Step 3 Wipe your hair with a towel/napkin

Step 4 Blowdry your hair and get refreshed and conditioned hair