Embark on a journey of instant styling perfection with the KTEIN Wireless Hair Styling Comb. Revel in swift 10-second heat-up, unlocking up to 36 hours of salon-quality elegance. Tailor your look precisely with three temperature settings: 150°C-170°C (302°F-338°F), 170°C-190°C (338°F-374°F), and 190°C-210°C (374°F-410°F). The anti-scald comb teeth guarantee safety for both hair and scalp. Crafted meticulously from premium ceramic material, our comb ensures even PTC heat generation, bidding adieu to uneven heat spots. With a lightweight 116g body, MCH innovative heating, and thermostatic heating, achieve professional-grade results effortlessly. Explore diverse styling options and elevate your confidence and sophistication at any occasion with the KTEIN Wireless Hair Styling Comb.
[Advanced Material Construction]: The KTEIN Wireless Hair Styling Comb is expertly crafted from durable ABS material, offering three temperature adjustments and featuring a hair-nourishing ceramic coating for optimal care.
[Uniform Heating Technology]: Experience even and efficient heat distribution across all strands with our straightening brush, ensuring every hair is straightened with precision for a sleek finish.
[Revitalizing Negative Ions]: The comb harnesses anti-static negative ions, rapidly heating up to provide consistent heat, leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and infused with vitality and elasticity.
[Portable Elegance]: Our cordless mini version of the curling iron is delicately compact, allowing you to effortlessly carry it anywhere. Stay organized on the go and keep your hair perfectly styled at all times.
[Universal Hair Compatibility]: Suitable for all hair types – soft, thinning, thick, curly, and more! Simply brush through your hair with the KTEIN Wireless Hair Styling Comb for a rejuvenated and polished look. Discover a new era in hairstyling with us.