Ktein cosmetics is owned by Nature Redefine Lifestyle.
Ktein has been founded with a vision to promote natural ingredients for self care. Just when the technology is rocket speeding, something that grounds us is the roots and the nature. When technology and science is taking on full speed, mother nature too never steps behind to lose upon the immense benefits that it has to offer. Ktein is formed to make an attempt to let the nature be on the front seat and science help it drive ahead.
Nature provides all the ingredients required for smooth, silky nourished hair and many natural remedies have effectively resolved most of the hair problems.
Ktein brings to you unique solutions which is a blend of nature and modern science that is effective, affordable and convenient.
Providing all natural hair care solutions for men and women and to promote the hair care regime used in times when inventions did not lead to hair products made of chemicals and other ingredients which provides temporary benefits and long term damages.
Nature all over the world has been providing innumerable benefits, and Ktein attempts in making those benefits available to the customers at affordable prices. Our initial steps are to provide the natural benefits to the crown that no one ever wants to remove and Yes that’s YOUR HAIR…