100% Money-Back Guarantee Card
We asked ourselves why our existing customers love us? The answer is our products and our science.
Now, the question was, how can we convey this message to our potential new customers who are seeking an honest solution to take care of their hair & skin but are not sure if the choice they are making is correct or not?
We found a simple answer. Try it to believe it.
In other words, if you try our products and do not like them, we will refund your money.
Here is your exclusive limited period 100% Money-Back Guarantee Card to give you a one-time chance to experience our highly appreciated best seller range.
But wait!
We want to set the expectations right on what can and can't be done by our or any other personal care products.
• Any topical product has limited powers up to the dermis layer of skin. So if your hair & skin concerns are related to any internal medical conditions then there is a high chance that products may not give the desired results.
• Most of the hair & skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, sensitivity, hair fall, dry hair & dandruff are related to hormonal imbalance, environmental damage, wrong food habits & stressful lifestyle. Our products can surely help you reduce or counter these concerns but cannot stop them or cure them permanently.
• Dermatitis is majorly triggered by some allergen. It can be food or some other material that comes in contact with your skin. Ultimate Soothing Oil can give comfort to your sensitive skin and try to repair the skin barrier but as long as you are in contact with the material which causes dermatitis, reoccurrence cannot be guaranteed.
• If our product can remove dandruff on your scalp, do not expect that dandruff will not come back ever but yes, the reappearance of dandruff can be prevented for sure if you follow a complete dandruff control regime.
• If you are losing 100 hair a day, we can reduce it max by up to 50 hair falls a day and cannot stop the hair fall process completely.
• It is not possible to grow new hair in a completely bald area because there is no hair follicle left to nourish & grow new hair.
Just like the above examples, in the case of all other hair & skin concerns, your internal body elements will start behaving the way they are made to function as soon as you stop the treatment. If our or any other hair & skin care products help get the desired relief, just stick with them and do not change them too frequently in search of some magical results.
We have so much confidence in our innovative products that we decided to offer a limited-time money-back guarantee but we request you to use this offer responsibly and help us serve as many people as possible in need of this offer.
After reading the above facts, in rare cases, if the product does not perform at all and/or does not give any benefit on your hair & scalp, you can raise a money-back request on
The request needs to be made within 15 days of delivery, the money back request needs to be made within 30 days of delivery No refund claims outside of this period will be considered.
All of our products are Eligible products for 100% Money-Back Guarantee Offer
All orders placed after 31 October at 18:00 pm will be eligible for a money-back guarantee on the selected product range till Ktein issues notification regarding the closure of the guarantee period. Any previous orders will not be eligible for this scheme under any condition whatsoever.
Please note to return the remainder of the products in question to us in appropriate packaging (make sure all open bottles are sealed tightly to prevent leakage). Upon return receipt of product, we will refund you the original price paid for the goods. Please note that all original containers, e.g. bottles, must be retained by you and returned to us when claiming a refund. In case of a dispute, the company decision shall be considered final.
Above all Aayog Advance and Aayog Protect is not covered in Money back guarantee scheme of Website