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Hair Style Kit: Ktein Hair Styling Brush with Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray , Natural Hair Holding Spray and 100% Plantbase Hair Shine Spray

Rs. 2,049.00 Rs. 1,499.00

What I do?

Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray: Protects Hair From Heat Styling Damages + Adds Shine + Moisturizes Hair + Light-Weighted Free-Flowing Hair + Styling With Nourishment + Avoids Hair Drying + Pre And Post Styler.


Natural Hair Holding Spray: Provides Natural Hold + Adds Shine To Hair + Safe On Hair

+ Avoids Hair Drying + Nourishes Hair.


100% Plant base Shine Spray: Provides Shine Post Styling + Give Mild To Medium Hair Hold + Repairs Damaged Hair Due To Styling+ Use Daily to shine Your Hair.

Product Description

Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray: The Product Is Formulated For Hair Protection From Heat Damage From Heat Styling Tools, To Make The Everyday Hair Styling A Hassel Free Process. Our Natural Heat Protection Offers Not Just Protection But Also Nourishment To The Hair With Everyday Use. It Is A 100ml Product With 2 Years Of Shelf Life.


Natural Hair Holding Spray: The Product Is Carefully Developed To Manage The Hair And Hold The Style In Daily Use. It Contains Vital Ingredients Like Onion, Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Aloe Vera Gel And More Which Naturally Holds The Hair Without Harming The Texture Of The Hair.


100% Plant base Shine Spray: It is not just any shine spray loaded with chemicals, KTEIN SHINE SPRAY provides healthy shine and luster to your hair which can be safely used on daily basis to make your hair smooth and shiny. This shine spray will enhance the outlook of your hair and your hair style.

How to Use

Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray: 

Step 1 Spray On Dry Hair Section By Section
Step 2 Comb Through The Hair To Even Out
Step 3 Style Using The Heat Styling Tool
Step 4 Spray Lightly After Styling For Mild Setting And Shine


Natural Hair Holding Spray: 

Step 1 Style Hair As Required

Step 2 Hold The Spray Nozzle 30cm Away From Hair And Spray For Holding The Style.

Can Be Used For Styling The Hair Flicks And Maintaining The Flyaways For A Sleek Style.

Can Be Safely Used For Styling Kids Hair


100% Plant base Shine Spray: 

Our shine spray not only provides the shine but also gives a mild hold to maintain your hair style for day long. It’s a perfect companion to your hair heat protection spray post styling, everyday styling option where you want to avoid hair oils, for mild styling purpose, for repairing the dry and damaged hair and to boost keratin for the people who uses styling tools regularly and regular use will improve the hair texture. Also best for daily leave in conditioner.