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Ktein Combo: 100% Plant Base Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray and Natural Hair Holding Spray 100ml

Rs. 700.00 Rs. 549.00

What I do?

Natural hair holding Spray:

Provides Natural Hold + Adds Shine To Hair + Safe On Hair

+ Avoids Hair Drying + Nourishes Hair


100% Plant base Heat Protection Spray:

Protects Hair From Heat Styling Damages + Adds Shine + Moisturizes Hair + Light-Weighted Free-Flowing Hair + Styling With Nourishment + Avoids Hair Drying + Pre And Post Styler



Product Description

Natural hair holding Spray:

The Product Is Carefully Developed To Manage The Hair And Hold The Style In Daily Use. It Contains Vital Ingredients Like Onion, Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Aloevera Gel And More Which Naturally Holds The Hair Without Harming The Texture Of The Hair.


100% Plant base Heat Protection Spray:

Ktein 100% plant based natural Hair Heat Protection Spray provides heat protection to hair cortex and cuticles while reducing hair breakage. This simple natural yet very efficient formula is light and protective with excellent spray ability. It is formulated without Silicones, Alcohol and Polyquaternium or any kind of CHEMICALS or SYNTHETICS. It offers a very soft feel, facilitates combing as well as the straightening process through easier gliding without leaving residue on devices or on hair.

How to use

Natural hair holding Spray:

Step 1 Style Hair As Required

Step 2 Hold The Spray Nozzle 30cm Away From Hair And Spray For Holding The Style.

Can Be Used For Styling The Hair Flicks And Maintaining The Flyaways For A Sleek Style.

Can Be Safely Used For Styling Kids Hair


100% Plant base Heat Protection Spray:

It is suitable for men, women and children. It works best when one uses this before blow drying, Hair Straightening, Curling iron, Hair Ironing, hair crimpering, any hair thermal protection. It can be used as Pre & Post styling spray and every day leave in conditioner.