Know | Love | Style your natural curl

Know | Love | Style your natural curl


"Beauty is being comfortable in your own natural hair. It uplifts your confidence when you treat them like a precious accessory. All over the world there are many hair types, today we would discuss about the curly hair and how can it be beautifully maintained."


 Curly Hair 101: Identifying and Styling Different Curl Patterns



 ● Things about curly hair

      Curly Hair: It can be the bane of your existence, but if you treat it right, your hair can be a beautiful and bountiful expression of who you are! If you've wanted to rock your curls more, work on figuring out what your curly hair type is, as that can help you find the right products. Take good care of your hair, and you'll soon love those luscious locks.

       ● Problems of curly hair

        Dear curly hair girl, the spotlight is always on you right…!!! And while you get all the eyeballs and compliments for your unique locks, you are dread managing it! We understand how dry, coarse and frizzy your hair can get.

        The fact that your curls are wild and free is not the full fun! They may frizz at times or might poof out when it’s humid or become messy when you don’t have time to give them proper care. Whatever way, though, your curls are a part of you and a great way to express yourself.

        If you have curly hair, you already know that caring for it can be a bit of a handful. It often comes with its own unique set of challenges, among them, an increased likelihood of breakage, frizz, and dryness. The reason can be atmosphere as humidity is not your friend, especially during hot and sticky months of summer and monsoon.

        Remedies for a Great Natural Curl:

        The basic tenets are the use of hair products, which do not have sulphates, silicones or alcohol, conditioner washing or co-washing , and not using combs and brushes which can make your hair look more frizzy and damaged.

        Your curls should be celebrated, that is why Ktein offers curl defining spray product to make you more confident about your curly hair. So for curly-haired girls, embrace your curls even more, and enjoy the benefits of your ringlets.

        About Ktein curl spray

         ● Styling and Nourishing Spray:

          Ktein’s Natural Curl Spray helps to refresh your curls and improves the texture of your curls making them soft, smooth and manageable. It is not just a curl styling spray BUT an everyday Curl nourishment spray. The product is made with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like Flaxseeds, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Almond Oil and Protein.

           ● Light weighted and Frizz Free:

            This curl styling spray gives a light and flexible hold to the curls without weighing them down or making the curls stiff.

             ● Easy to use:

              Not a very lengthy process to get the amazing and manageable curls. This easy to use Ktein product in spray form is to be used after wash and can also be used on daily basis for touch up...and your curls are good to go.

               ● Free of Harsh Chemicals:

                Styling and hair care is definitely possible as Ktein products are completely free of Alcohol, Parabens, Sulphates, and Silicones & Mineral Oils.

                 ● Non Drying Formula:

                  It moisturizes and hydrates the curls and controls and manages the texture of the curls making them lively and presentable.

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