The Untold Truth About Keratin and Hair

The Untold Truth About Keratin and Hair


Hair plays a vital role in our lives. It is not just an ornamental part of our bodies but it acts like a symbol of elegance and strength, so taking care of our hair means so much more than making it look great or following the latest fashion and choosing products which maintains the precious beauty without causing it any harm.

Do you know what your hair is made up of???

Hair has a threadlike structure which, is made up mainly of proteins, water, lipids, pigments and trace elements.
One of the proteins is Keratinā€¦Let us know about it.

What is Keratin?

It is a fundamental building block for our hair.
It is the main component of hair; it is a tough, fibrous protein and is insoluble in water. It is made up of long chains of amino acids with vitamins and trace elements between them in the human body, keratin is found not only in hair but in other tissues such as skin and its addition like hairs and nails. The loss of this protein leaves your hair damaged.



Reason behind loss of keratin in your hair?

Loss of keratin takes place when people use hot curling or straightening irons on their hair, use excessive products, or treat or dye their hair with harsh chemicals. Hair with low keratin is often dry, frizzy, or prone to breakage. In order to combat the side effects caused by insufficient of the above protein, many people turn to keratin hair treatments in salons and also with homemade remedies.


Are Keratin treatments from salons Advisable?

There are many treatments available across the world today which claims to keep your hair soft and shiny for a long time, but eventually, as time passes by and the effect of this salon treatment gets over, youā€™ll see a great difference in how your hair has become more damaged than before. SalonĀ treatmentsĀ are loaded with chemical and artificial substitutes which become harmful in the long run.

Donā€™t let the recurring and expensive treatments make a hole in your pocket and also damage your hairā€¦try keratin hair treatments at home which is safe as well as natural and inexpensive like Ktein Natural Keratin Hair Spray.

Natural Keratin Enhancers

We have got some amazing Natural keratin treatment solutions to repair your damaged hair and make them silky soft, and smooth. The best part is neither are they expensive nor too much of a hassle which would help in eliminate frizz, detangle, and restore shine with this excellent nourishing treatment and UV protectant that can be used alone or as a restorative styling product. KTEIN Natural Keratin Hair Spray is one of them.

Ingredients like Hydrolyzed soy protein, Hydrolyzed corn protein, Hydrolyzed wheat protein and Hydrolyzed rice protein helps in strengthening, moisturizing, repairing and restoring the hair structure. Complex of non- animal free amino acids derived from wheat, corn and soy proteins to mimic the natural composition of keratin.

Why Natural Keratin Treatment overtopped Salons Treatment?

Salons Keratin Treatment will smooths cellĀ that overlap to form hair strands, and makes your hair more manageable and less frizz. This treatmentĀ can also reduce the look of split ends by temporarily bonding the hair back together but as this treatment contains chemicals , the keratin enhancer cells shortens their life span and in the long run , it damage the hair.Ā 

Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā And as theĀ Natural Keratin TreatmentĀ contains no chemicals, it has no side effects plus in an affordable range. We can do DIY at home with ingredients like aloe vera, curd, castor oil, etc. But if you don't have a lot of free time use products like Ktein Natural Keratin Hair Spray. It'll save a lot of time and works as it is ready-made, 100% vegan, cruelty free and has no chemicals.


Where will This Natural Keratin TreatmentĀ Help?

  • Nourishment for All Hair Types: Whether you have curly, wavy, straight, colored, chemically treated or just non treated. This Natural TreatmentĀ is a must for all Hair types. With age and with a lot of hair care and style processes, KERATIN which is the ace of healthy hair is stripped off. Use products likeĀ Ktein Plant based Keratin Hair Spray to protect and maintain your hair health.

  • Natural Ingredients: ThisĀ Natural Treatment solutionĀ is derived from plant based ingredients which are safe for your hair for daily use and provides protection from pollution, hair care and styling techniques that slowly harm your hair.

  • Anti-Frizz and Non Drying: The product is light weighted and nondrying on hair. It makes your hair appear frizz free and healthy

  • Multi-Purpose Use: This easy to use spray formula can be carried anywhere and used at all times without any hassles. It can be used on daily basis and left overnight for better results.

  • Helps replace lost Protein and protects the Natural Keratin in Hair


Reason for choosing :

Essential conditioning for everyday use. This leave - in delivers softer more manageable hair with each & every use.

This leave - in builds stronger hair to guard against brittleness. Ideal for hair that has had Keratin and/or straightening treatments.

Solves challenges like brassiness, dullness, color fading and dryness for natural, color treated or highlighted BLONDES.

Formulated for fine or limp hair, the most lightweight ingredients are chosen for this special leave - in. INTENSE performance, ZERO weight.


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